Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain contains 10 playable characters with a mixture of ranged and melee classes and 10 areas to explore.
In Risk of Rain it starts off with a space train travelling through space containing important cargo when something goes horribly wrong and it crashes into a strange planet containing weird creatures you have disturbed upon crashing and must now kill in order to get back to your crashed space train with only the items that have fallen from cargo crates on your ship as resources, the teleporters as your guide, and drones as your companions.

Risk of Rain

Explore these beautiful pixel landscapes and discover hidden secrets while unlocking new classes and items. You start off as a commando, play alone or with 3 of your closest friends, turn off item sharing and fight over who will get the items for each level. Choose from 3 difficulties; Drizzle, Rainstorm and Monsoon. (Warning, if you choose Monsoon YOU WILL DIE.) Get used to the simple game mechanics while learning all the nooks and crannys of the game and unlock the class that is right for you!

The game is not meant to become your enemy but be something enjoyable for anyone, something you can lose yourself in for hours. But it can be very tricky to master and complete the game on certain classes so before dismissing a class as bad you might need to get used to it especially if you plan to unlock 100% of the game. Everything is pretty much randomized, from the bosses and mob spawns, the location of the chests and which items drop to the plays spawn points.

Each map can also change slightly, so a route you might’ve used previously is now accessible this time. There are different types of items passive items and use items, the use items may have a long cooldown time or a short one depending on which item. While the passive items are usually always active. (unless stated otherwise) The items also have a certain colour borders around them, yellow being boss specific items such as ‘Imp Lord’s Tentacle‘. Red being rare items such as ‘Brilliant Behemoth‘ (100% chance of a red bordered item in Golden Chests), white items being common and green items being uncommon. Use items are usually orange bordered unless a boss specific drop in that case it will be yellow.

The players will have to get used to the main feature of the game, permanent death with no check/save points, and upon death start again and work their way back up to the final level with hope that luck is on their side for the boss spawns and item drops. But remember you haven’t got time to just farm enemies on the easy levels because as time goes on the difficulty rises in proportion depending on the difficulty, so don’t rush and miss important items and don’t go too slow or the harder levels may become less manageable. Remember to have fun and remember there’s no hiding from the strange creatures pursuing you.

Risk of Rain is a 16bit action platformer game with roguelike elements created by two students:
Paul Morse who is the head game designer attending the University of Washington studying Computer Science and Finance.
Duncan Drummond who is the artist and programmer, he taught himself to use GameMaker and make Pixel Art, he also attends the University of Washington and is studying Mechanical Engineering.
Chris Christodoulou is their music writer who currently resides and works in Athens.